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I believe
. . .. . .i. . .n. . .n. . .o. . .v. . .a. . .t. . .i. . .o. . .n

is the result of simple workflows, small teams and high morale.

... .. . . f l e x i b i l i t y
in pipelines is the key that allows businesses to quickly make decisions to take advantage of
. .. .o .p .p .o .r .t .u .n .i .t .i .e .s

as they arise.

As games require more and increasingly complex art the workflow is often entangled in the dataflow. Side effects of this include unstable builds, inability to meet deadlines easily and failing to meet technical targets on a regularl basis.



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  This area will contain future articles about workflow in video games. Until then, find out more about me.