Skills And Experience


C#, WPF, Python, Javascript, Sql


Maya, Max, Photoshop, Substance Designer




I'm an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience on 13 platforms starting in 1992 on the Super Nintendo as a pixel artist. Over the years there have been many other game systems, positions and companies all giving me a breadth of experience to draw from.

What I love to do

I love working with teams to get them back in balance. I enjoy studying a pipeline and the people who write, maintain and use it. But what I really like is to find the right solution for each project, for their unique situation and then work out strategies for change.

Workflow Specialist

I consider myself an expert at improving art production pipelines while maintaining a high standard of visual and technical quality with minimal risk to schedules. Thats mostly because I've had success doing just that. All share the same core solution of making the art easier to manage and easier to produce. I have had luck turning around projects that were behind schedule, reducing staff turnover and even prevented a project from being cancelled.

Console Shifts

During my career I have seen four console shifts, starting with the big change to 3D in the early 90s on the 3DO. We didn't have UV mapping in those days nor did we have experience with the complex art pipelines required to make a game like that. For that project, we developed on Macs and SGI machines. 

Each of these changes has given me opportunities to observe different teams and companies deal with the change. I developed a set of guiding principals that serve a company in between transitions work just as well for one that is in transition. 


I've worked on a wide range of titles which gives me a wide exposure to the unique challenges faced by each genre and different game engines.

I studied the pipelines and production success and problems of the games we developed. Over 20 years I've accumulated a wealth of data about game production, specifically how art affects the ability for a company to be flexible and stable.

"Sheila is: Highly Experienced, Highly Motivated, Highly Capable, Highly Professional, Slightly Mad."

Rohan Knuckey

Senior Artist Environment Artist, Bioware

"She has an uncanny sense of how to get things done on time by foreseeing problems far in advance of normal people."

Rob Adams

Senior Artist, Electronic Arts

"Although her time on my team was brief, her strong ideas formed the philosophical foundation for art pipelines at Relic long after her departure."

Alun Bjorksten

Tools Development Lead, Relic

"Sheila constantly not only helped the individual game teams but sought solutions on a company and corporate level, looking to boost efficiency of the pipelines and quality of the art assets."

Daven Coburn

Technical Animator, Relic

"Aside from producing quality work herself, her guidelines enabled the entire level art team to produce quality art on an extremely short and demanding schedule"

Lee Scheinbeim

Environment Artist, Bioware

"Sheila has such depth in video game production. She'll find the gaps and create the solutions that are practical for both artists and programmers"

Andy Lang

Director of Art, Relic

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