What game consoles have I worked on?

I'm starting to lose track.

Posted by Sheila Nash on Mar 3, 2019

When I started in the early 90's I worked on the Super Nintendo platform. A whopping 32,768 colors in an epic 256x224 resolution. God I love colour cycling...

After the SNES I was put on the first 3d game of my career - The Need for Speed. I swear that game was named by our lead programmer. Wasn't that a line from Top Gun? 

That game was on a platform that no one has heard about - The 3DO. I remember sitting in a company meeting and watching a video with a dude saying he was 'really jazzed' about the console. He also said,  'audio, video, 3do - get it?' God, those were the days when I actually believed the technical specs for  new platforms coming out. 

Learning 3d was a huge learning curve. It really helped me understand what any technology shift is like for a company. 

Since the 3DO there have been endless Playstations and Xboxes. And of course the PC. All of of these changes has given me opportunities to observe different teams and help companies deal with the change. 

But only one console had the CEO jazzed. So the 3DO is, by far, my favorite one. And not everyone can say they developed a game for a console no one's heard about.