What am I like to work with?

Uhhh... that's an interesting question.

Posted by Sheila Nash on March 10, 2019

When I asked people to write me a reference, some included some comments about what I'm like to work with. 

Andy Lang. We worked together at Relic.

"Sheila has such depth in video game production. It shines through when she approaches a new art pipeline or refines an existing pipeline. She’ll find the gaps and create solutions that are practical for both artists and programmers. 

From my experience, I found that after Sheila touched the pipeline Artists were able to create content faster and the data was generally cleaner pleasing the programmers. Her presentation and communication skills are some of the best I’ve seen. Sheila has a fantastic knack for breaking down and presenting ideas. 

In addition to being the best pipeline designer that I’ve ever worked with she’s also boatloads of fun dishing out lots of tasteless, crude humour. If you want to get on her good side just bring her a cup of coffee from the best café in town."

Rohan Knuckey. We worked together at BioWare.

I've now worked with Sheila on and off for the past 3 years while at BioWare, I've even shared an office with her for a year while on Dragon Age (never a dull moment was to be had!). In that time I have learnt that Sheila is:
Highly Experienced
Highly Motivated
Highly Capable
Highly Professional
Slighly Mad
If I were to create a 'dream team' of developers that I would want to work with continually, Sheila would be at the top of my list.

Yeah... slightly mad. Who's making custom knives in your basement right now buddy.  

You can see more of my references on my linked in page.